Every couple has their story. This is the story of Kamren and Timothy:

On August 2007 Kami’s best friend Ashley took her out to a happy hour with a “bachelor” (Tim) that she recently met because her mom start to date Tim’s dad. Kami and Tim hit it off immediately and they couldn’t stop texting throughout the weekend while Tim was on a family trip, irritating everyone by his lack of interest in the trip, and constant texting with Kami ;-)

On October 6th, 2007 Tim finally ask Kami to be “his girlfriend”.

On January 13th of 2012 after Tim finally convinced Kami to take an 8 day vacation in Palm Springs to support him in the annual golf tournament (The Bob Hope Classic) they went to a family dinner at the San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara. On the drive there Tim’s little sister texted Kami to meet at the fountain. Kami reached for Tim’s hand and it felt unusually clammy (if you know Tim, he’s not the nervous type!). Kami’s mind started wondering what’s going on, something big is about to happen especially after all the pressure to take 8 days for vacation. As soon as it hits Kami that he might be proposing they were already standing by the fountain, no family in sight, and Tim is on his knees telling her how much he loves her and proposes. By 7am Friday morning they were on the Euro-Rail and in Paris in no time (not Palm Springs…) – they fell in love with it immediately! They stayed in a luxury suite where they could see the Eiffel Tower and amazing city lights and landmarks.

I’m so happy to hear couple’s love story of how they met, the proposel and to be able to be with them on the day they will become one. I can’t wait for Kami and Tim’s Destination wedding in La Paz, Baja California Mexico.

Here you can see some of the pictures from their engagement session:

Santa-Barbara-wedding-photographer-2 Santa-Barbara-wedding-photographer Santa-Barbara-wedding-photographer-3 Santa-Barbara-wedding-photographer-4 Santa-Barbara-wedding-photographer-5 Santa-Barbara-wedding-photographer-6 Santa-Barbara-wedding-photographer-7 Santa-Barbara-wedding-photographer-8

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