Please provide the following information about your wedding day:
  • Bride and Groom names?
  • Wedding date?
  • Rehearsal date? (I might come to check it out)
  • Location – Makeup and dressing, Ceremony, Reception/Cocktail party, Venue?
  • Wedding timeline ???!!! – It’s is very important to pass this information on to the photographer prior to the wedding!
  • Who is your “Sheep herder” – The person that help organize the family/friends for group shots?
  • “Wedding Manager” – who I can approach for questions during the wedding day?
  • How many guests are attending ?
  • Important phone number (mother, father, sister, brother…)?
  • DON’T FORGET – trust your wedding photographer !
Please provide this information as soon as possible (no later then two weeks prior to the wedding) and send to :
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Note: You can use the Contact page to send this wedding information.

Thank you Very Much,

Yair Haim
(310) 993-1561